Should I Run Air Conditioning Unit During Thunderstorm?

Is it safe to use AC during thunderstormThe summer and spring seasons in the U.S. are notorious for being disconcertingly hot and humid. Apart from that, these seasons are also a perfect time for severe thunderstorms. Therefore, you may wish to think twice before you turn on your air conditioning system the next time especially when the weather is acting up. It can lead to serious damage.

Lightning strikes and air conditioning units

Although it is a rare occurrence to have lightning striking a house, it does happen. It can cause serious damage to your air conditioning systems. When there is a lightning strike, it may send down as much as 5 billion joules of energy right through the electrical system of your house. This is sufficient to cause a great deal of damage to your cooling system especially when it is turned on during the strike. A lightning strike for starters is capable of melting the plug of your AC unit. Apart from that, it may damage the control panel and also corrupt the whole system. There is sensitive electrical circuitry filled within the control panel therefore, it is a good idea to turn off the control panel when you have a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorms and AC units

Rain on its own is unlikely to harm the air conditioner. Turning on the AC system at the time of rainy, and warm days will make your home feel a lot more comfortable. The only time when you will have to be alert and concerned is when the rain is severe and is likely to leave standing water close to the AC unit. In these cases, it will be a good idea to power down the air conditioning system. Having a stuffy home at the time of a thunderstorm can be uncomfortable and keeping the AC off can be troublesome. But this brief period of discomfort is much better than having to replace the AC unit entirely. As soon as the weather has eased up you can turn on the system. At the time of a thunderstorm, the air temperature will drop considerably. During this period, it is a good idea to open the windows or turn on the ceiling fans to get some cool air in until the storm has passed.

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