When To Upgrade Your Air Conditioning Or Heating System

Upgrade air conditioning systemLike every other appliance, your air conditioning system needs to be replaced after several years. In case you feel that the air conditioner has reached its final step, you can contact a professional serving agency in your area. The article below will help you in understanding an AC system and upgrades. You will be able to make a responsible decision in regards to your AC installation.

When Should You Upgrade?

Are you confused if it’s time for an upgrade? You should consider it if you see the following signs:

  • You having been using the AC for at least 10-15 years. Depending on your regular usage this is the maximum time your AC is meant to last.
  • Despite running it to its full potential, you are not comfortable. If the AC is struggling to cool during the peak summer, then the air conditioner isn’t working well for you.
  • You are paying a high amount of energy bill.
  • Your AC requires frequent repairs i.e. more than once each summer. Upgrading would be a better alternative than doing constant repairs and spending more to run your AC.

What Should You Be Upgrading To?

If you feel it’s time to upgrade because your AC is showing any of the above symptoms, then you should start looking for options. Some options have been discussed below:

Central Air Conditioner

Most homes have a central air conditioning unit and already having one at your place doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade to a newer model. If you have been satisfied with the system for years, you should stick to it. Install a new central air conditioning system by replacing the old one.

Heat Pumps

They are a system that both cools and heats a space. In case you want an air conditioning system that does the task of both cooling and warming the temperature, then this is the one you should go with. Heat pumps are both eco-friendly and effective.

Ductless Mini Splits

For people looking for a zone control effect without making a significant change to their home’s design, a ductless mini-split is the best option. They are designed to put direct cooling right in areas that you need. They also come fitted with heat pumps that allow them to heat in winters too.

Installing Thermostats

In case you are thinking to upgrade your air conditioner, you should consider upgrading your thermostat as well. The present options include Wi-Fi enabled and smart thermostats that help to ensure the efficiency of your HVAC remains at par.

If you are dealing with issues related to the HVAC system or are confused about upgrading to a new system, contact Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating. Their experienced professionals will guide you to make the right decision. They offer their services to customers living in and around Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL. Besides installation or upgrading of an air conditioning system, they also offer maintenance and servicing services.

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