How To Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace Your AC

AC Replacement Issues And AC Repair IssuesWhen your AC is displaying signs indicating there are problems with it and when it is not running as smoothly as it used to, there are two alternatives available. You may either get the issue fixed or get the air conditioner replaced to achieve the perfect air conditioning you get with AC replacement. There are pros and cons involved in both these alternatives. Here are some tips to guide you towards making the right decision that will help you in saving money and making sure the AC is working in good stead.

AC repair issues

In a normal scenario, the minor problems with the air conditioner can be fixed by performing timely repairs. For instance, if your AC starts to make a strange sound like whizzing or banging for no reason, it may be happening because of some component becoming loose or due to a clogged filter. These issues can easily be fixed by pro technicians. If you find a weird odor coming from the air conditioner such as the smell of mold or burning it indicates mold setting in or burnt fuse in the AC. These issues can be fixed by thoroughly cleaning the coils and other components of the AC or replacing the fuse.

Sometimes the AC does not provide sufficient cooling for your home or the operating cycle has become ineffective. This indicates that there is an issue with the ducting or your thermostat. Get the help of professional AC repair technicians for unclogging the ducts or repairing the leakage from the airflow system. Thermostat problems may be fixed without having to spend too much.

AC replacement issues

AC replacement on the other hand is more expensive, especially up front. But it might be a better alternative when the AC is too old or breaking down frequently. Most AC units are designed to be operational for around 10 years. By employing good maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of the AC to 15 years. But as the AC gets older you will get frequent breakdowns. By the time you fix one component, another one breaks down. If this keeps happening with the AC, a replacement is to get rid of the problem.

Most ACs also have an energy efficiency rating that will drop over time. When that happens, the machine starts to consume more energy and it gradually becomes less efficient. When you notice that your electricity bills are getting too high because of the AC use, it is time for AC replacement. Another common problem with any machine is wear and tear. If the AC has developed a short cycle, it is a sign of issues with crucial components and AC replacement is in order. Premature shutting down of the AC is an indication of short cycling. You may have a malfunctioning thermostat or a failing compressor on hand.

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