Does My AC Make My Electrical Bill High?

Does My AC Make My Electrical Bill High?Have your air conditioning bills skyrocketed during this summer? This is something pretty common for the homeowners in Florida. Sometimes you walk over towards the thermostat to get the cool relief of a chilled house in mind. But as your hand reaches up for turning down the temperature settings you recoil with the thought of the air conditioning bill arriving in the future. It is never a good idea to choose between a reasonable air conditioning bill and a cool house. You must be able to have them both. There are several reasons why your air conditioning bill spikes up. Here are some reasons.

Skipped maintenance

Have you skipped the air conditioning maintenance this year? An ideal time for performing AC maintenance is in early spring. It gives professionals an ample amount of time for preparing the AC for the upcoming season. It is understood that this may not be possible all the time. Many times, spring comes along and goes away without you making a maintenance appointment. It is never too late though. When you are in the need of AC maintenance services get in touch with the pros.

Ignored the repair needs

Sometimes some nagging problems are occurring within the house. Air conditioning problems that appear small may not turn out to be minor. You may think that short cycling, weird noises, or odd odor coming from the air conditioning system is fine as long as the AC system is actually functioning but the reality cannot be further from the truth. If you ignore the repair requirements it will allow the problem you are facing within the home to escalate. The initial indication of any real problem with the air conditioning is the repair bill.

There is a dirty air filter

In case you are not changing the AC filter at regular intervals, you will create more obstacles for the AC system. The air filter allows the ducting, air handler, and indoor coils to remain clean and clear from debris that may collect over time. If you neglect the spike, it may cause this debris build-up to rise in the AC system and result in a rise in the AC bill. It is one of the things that is completely in your hands. Ensure that you are taking advantage of the control by quickly replacing the dirty filter or cleaning the system as required.

AC has been operational for a long time

Is your AC system more than 10 years old? Any older AC system normally is not a very efficient system. When you are using an AC for more than a decade it indicates that your SEER rating is quite low. The air conditioner might become more expensive to operate over time. This may be the right time for replacement in case you are struggling with the pricing of the AC bill.

The spike in air conditioning bills is extremely frustrating and it is not always simple to find the problems you are facing. The bill can rise due to a range of reasons. It is a good idea to get in touch with professionals in such cases. People living in Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL area can contact Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule an appointment today.

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