Do You Need 2 Air Conditioning Units In A 2-Story House?

Do You Need 2 Air Conditioning Units In A 2-Story House?Inappropriate cooling on the 2nd floor in a 2 story house is one of the common problems. In some cases to make the upstairs comfortable people freeze out the first floor. If you are living in a 2 story house, you can very well relate to these issues. If it’s an old house, there is a high chance that it also lacks proper insulation. Additionally, these houses might be so drafty that consistent temperature control throughout the house will not be possible.

If the house has undergone attic renovation recently, there are increased chances that you will be facing issues with cooling. For all such issues, you need to make adequate adjustments to the home’s HVAC. The AC system is designed for only one floor might have to be adjusted to offer comfortable temperature in the additional space. Let’s discuss some steps that you should take to address the issue.

Inspect Why Your 2nd Floor is So Hot
Hot air rises are likely to make the upper floor hotter as the cool air sinks. This is a common reason why it becomes difficult to maintain the same temperatures on both floors. The air conditioning unit on the 1st floor works harder to push cool air up to the 2nd floor.
Among the other issues, an overly hot second floor can be a reason. If the roof absorbs substantial heat from the sun or lacks proper insulation, it might create a problem with the home’s temperature.

Install 2nd AC Unit for The 2nd Floor
An alternative to upgrading the existing AC system is installing another unit for the 2nd floor. If you are looking to install a second air conditioning unit on the 2nd floor, you will have to consider the following factors.

Compare the cost of installing the 2nd air conditioner with the cost of upgrading your existing AC system on the first floor. The costs of the 2nd unit might not be as high as you might be expecting, but as the additional unit won’t be cooling the entire house, you would prefer upgrading the existing system.

However, the answer varies from one situation to the other. It’s recommended to consult a professional HVAC company to do the calculations and measure the size of the 2nd AC. After considering the costs and how much you will be using the floors individually, you can make the decision.

Energy Costs
The energy bill is another factor to consider. Installing 2 AC systems may save you money each month, particularly when you have been running a single AC on the first floor to work extra and do the task of cooling the entire house. The existing AC system might be working too hard to put out more cool and consuming more energy than it should. Hence, efficiently using the air-conditioning units on each floor as and when needed can bring down your energy costs.

Factors Related to Installation
Finding an appropriate place to install the new system can be a challenge. You might be having limited space in your house to install a 2nd AC system. The 2nd unit requires adequate ductwork to separate it from the existing unit. Another consideration will be finding a place for installing the inside unit and outside unit in addition to the space used by the existing unit.

Do You Need the 2nd AC?
Upgrading an HVAC in your house is a big decision and a big investment. However, taking this decision will certainly pay off. But before you make the final decision you might want to consider easy fixes which might be sufficient for resolving the issue. You may try some of the following things to improve the home’s cooling problems.

  • Check of all vents are open and not blocked
  • Close curtains and blinds on the 2nd-floor rooms
  • Install ductless mini-splits

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