Using UV Lights For Air Conditioning

Using UV Lights For Air ConditioningSome of the HVAC professionals that provide service to your home or office may ask you to consider installing UV lights in your AC system. The reason for this suggestion is that the use of UV lights will decrease or stop micro-organisms from circulating within the ducts of your office or home. We will see how some UV lights can accomplish this task in this article. The UV light waves occupy the 0 to 400 nm range in the light spectrum. The UV-C section of the spectrum with 200 to 280 nm has the most effective wavelength that can be used for germicidal control.

Are UV lights beneficial for air conditioning?

The different bacteria and viruses inside the HVAC system are a major health concern and this is a scientifically proven fact. Contamination within the HVAC units is a common problem that cannot be ignored. This contamination leads to the development of diseases such as bacterial or viral infections, asthma, allergic rhinitis, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. However, keep in mind that just a few kinds of UV lights can be utilized for this air purification. The UVGI or Ultraviolet Germicidal Light is useful for eliminating several kinds of viruses and bacteria. This light operates within the UV-C spectrum.

The question is, do the UV lights raise air quality in the house? If they are installed properly yes and with a correct spectrum of UV light. The home or office owner needs to make sure that all the conditions are correct and this installation is completed properly by qualified HVAC technicians. Any professional with relevant experience in the installation of UVGi systems will keep in mind several possibilities while installing this system. The right placement and direction of the correct quantity of UVGi lights can have a major bearing on the effectiveness of humidity and temperature levels within the space.

Is it costly to operate UV lights for AC?

After the installation of UV lights for AC, there are two main expense areas viz. bulb replacement and electrical consumption of the UV-C system. As far as electrical consumption is concerned, it is easy to approximate energy use with the use of the Amps-to-Watts calculator. After this, you can use the Watts-to-electricity cost calculator for the purpose as well. The amps and wattage are normally listed on the UV-C bulb. They are also listed in the manual that is made available by the maker during the installation.

Is air filtration useful?

Yes, it is. The use of a High-Efficiency Particulate Air-level air filter is recommended by CDC for trapping the larger particulates. This is a significant aspect because the very presence of particulates may shield a microorganism from the bombardment of UV lights. CDC also suggests that you can use UVGI or Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation as one of the adjunct air-cleaning measures because it cannot possibly replace HEPA filtration.

UV lights for AC safety warning

Everybody is familiar with all the common-sense warnings that are related to sun exposure. Keep in mind that direct exposure to the UV-C spectrum that is used in these HVAC systems can be hazardous especially for eyes and skin. Especially the eye damage can be permanent in many cases. Therefore, a careful installation and handling of the process is a must and should be carried out by qualified technicians. These professionals will take the necessary precautions at the time of installation for making sure that UV-C light does not reach the eyes of occupants.

The right air filtration, proper installation of UV lights for AC, and right conditions are effective for killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. These factors working together can make your office and home a lot healthier. If you live in Spring Hill and Brooksville, FL area, contact Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating for more guidance about the installation of UV lights for AC.

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