How To Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer?

How To Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer?Living in hot conditions is probably the worst feeling you can have. An HVAC is certainly an important system that can give you relief. However, the costs of cooling your home in the summers might be astronomical. If you are living in the hottest areas of the country, cooling costs are usually a few hundred dollars each month.

But you would be happy to know that there are ways to save money on air conditioning. Running your air conditioner in its prime condition can help you save considerable cash throughout the summer. Let’s look at some low-cost air conditioning tips to keep you cool and save money while beating the heat this summer.

Seal Corners of Doors and Windows

Unsealed windows are a common reason for losing precious cold air conditioning. You can check for leaks by standing outside the door or window and placing your hands through the edges. In case you notice a draft, ensure both doors and windows are tightly shut and freshly caulked.

You can install solar screens, mesh window screens, or window films as they can block as much as 70% solar energy before it enters your house. Securing your windows can make a substantial difference.

Appropriate Thermostat Placement

Placing your thermostat on an exterior wall or near a window might register incorrect readings. Such readings often kick an air conditioner more frequently and prematurely. Consult an HVAC contractor to reposition the thermostat and help in regulating your temperature effectively.

Best Temperature To Set An Air Conditioner In Summer

Turning up the temperature a few degrees before going out for dinner or a vacation can be helpful. Maintaining the indoor temperature at par with the outdoor temperature can save more money on air conditioning. The savings could be as high as 10% each year by setting your thermostat between 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours a day.

According to the US Department of Energy, an indoor temperature of 78 degrees F is advised when you are not at home. You can install a programmable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature and settings, from your phone. Hence, you can ensure your home stays comfortable when you reach.

Avoid Activities That Generate Heat

You should avoid activities that generate excessive heat such as cooking on a stovetop or using a dishwasher or a clothes dryer. It’s better to cook outside, wash dishes by hand, hang clothes on a line, and anything that can help in reducing the heat inside. This can substantially reduce the extra money you would spend on air conditioning.

Utilize Methods That You Have At Home

You can choose from numerous alternative ways to cool your house. Old school methods like turning on fans, or closing blinds or curtains are easy yet effective ways of cooling your space. They might not be as effective as an air conditioner, but would still be efficient. Ceiling fans make a considerable difference by circulating air and keeping the environment cool.

Plant More Trees

Although this won’t make immediate savings, you can save decent money over time. Reducing the amount of sunlight entering through windows can help in reducing the need of switching on air conditioning. Trees and shrubs provide shade around your house and help in increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency by over 10%. You may also use blackout curtains in east or south-facing windows for savings on your air conditioning bills.

Regular Repair and Maintenance

Despite having an advanced HVAC system, you won’t save money on your air conditioning bills if proper repair or maintenance is neglected. Dirty filters block airflow and put pressure on your air conditioner. Energy consumption can be lowered by 5 to 15% if you are regularly clean and replace filters once each month. Additionally, you should ensure that the floor registers aren’t blocked with furniture or dust. You should also keep your AC units free from leaves, grass, branches, and dirt. It’s important to keep both indoor and outdoor units free and clear for efficient operations of your AC.

The above air conditioning tips can help you save some money on your air conditioning bills. However, if you feel it still isn’t running to its full efficiency, get in touch with an expert HVAC contractor. Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating is an experienced agency that has been serving residents across Brooksville and Spring Hill, FL for the past several years.

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