Will Upgrading Your HVAC Add Value?

Will Upgrading Your HVAC Add Value?Increasing the value of your house is important especially when you are listing it for sale. There are a few improvements that can be done to your house and upgrading your HVAC can also be one of them.

Factors Worth Considering

HVAC upgrade is certainly not a priority feature when you are looking to sell your house. But being an essential component of the house, maintaining or upgrading an HVAC system can maintain a high value of your home. After all, it keeps your house cool in summers and warm during the winters. Additionally, it provides crucial ventilation inside the house and significantly impacts the environment within. Thus, it adds a certain value to your house and experts believe an HVAC upgrade can increase the prospect of selling your house at a better price.

While estimating the value of any house there are numerous factors taken into account. They include the size of your house, amenities such as the quality of the air conditioning system, etc. Research shows that homes having high-efficiency HVAC systems coupled with dual-pane windows can increase the selling price of your property by over 6%. Hence, it’s a factor that shouldn’t be ignored.

Potential buyers these days expect that well-maintained systems are preinstalled in a property they wish to purchase. A property that doesn’t have a reliable HVAC system installed can ruin the chances of getting a good price or even turn buyers away. As a homeowner, you would be well-aware of the stress involved when moving to a new home. On top of it, the idea of installing a new HVAC system might give you nightmares.

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, AC replacement is a must before listing your house for sale. Refrain from swapping the unit with another standard model. You need to opt for a robust, energy-efficient, and cost affecting HVAC system that lowers your energy costs. Paying importance to such factors and selecting the perfect system adds extra selling points to your property.

Also, you may add numerous components to an HVAC system to improve its efficiency and performance. For example, your professional HVAC technician may install improved compressors, variable-speed blowers, and other similar components for which you may brag about when a potential buyer comes to inspect your place.

Save Money By AC Upgrade

If you take advice from your real estate professional, he would stress that it isn’t easy to simply get away with an outdated HVAC system. When a potential purchaser inspects your property, he will surely raise concerns over the condition of your HVAC system before making an offer. Hence, an HVAC upgrade not only decreases the value of your property but is essential to attract buyers to your place. It’s possible that buyers would quote a much lower price than the prevailing rates or move away in search of other properties listed for sale.

If you are upgrading the HVAC system, consider installing models that are energy-efficient and cost-effective. The lower energy bill is a huge factor considered by most home buyers as energy charges usually make 1/3rd of the total utility costs paid each year. You may get tax breaks if you plan to invest in advanced and energy-efficient units. Some states offer tax benefits to people who opt to purchase energy-efficient appliances and home improvements. It means you save money and have more to invest in the future.

Enhance The Value of Your House

Similar to any additions to your house, AC upgrade and other improvements increase the chances of successfully selling your property. For example, having a heat pump can be appealing in a desert as the solar heat would pay off by itself. The sun shines constantly for most parts of the year.

Irrespective of the place you live, research suggests that a fully functional and dependable HVAC system is an important part of increasing your home’s value. Although AC upgrade requires significant investment, it is an important factor that can get you better returns.

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