Choosing The Perfect Air Conditioning Filter

Choosing The Perfect Air Conditioning FilterIndoor air quality has to be good as it affects your health and home efficiency. Both heating and cooling systems designed for your home are equipped with air conditioning filters capable of purifying the air and keeping the unit run efficiently.

When moving to a new house or purchasing a new system or replacing the old filter, you could have several questions. The market is filled with different kinds of AC filters and you need to consider several factors when choosing the best option.

Why you should Replace Filters?

Besides improving the system’s efficiency and purifying the circulated air, filters also protect a heating or cooling system. They trap impurities like allergens, smoke, dust and ensure internal coils remain clean. The protection mechanism helps to maintain an efficient air conditioning system resulting in minimal energy requirements. Filters are meant to clean the air that goes in and out of the system.

You need to replace filters regularly to ensure your system maintains high efficiency and delivers cleaner air. Filters are located either on the ceiling, wall, or AC unit. HVAC professionals always suggest buying AC filters based on their abilities to purify and protect the central system.

AC Filter Types

You have to be sure about the kind of filter you need. Broadly there are three main categories:

Flat Panel Filters

Made from polyester mesh or fiberglass, these are standard filters surrounded by cardboard frames made of flat sheets. They are economical and capable of removing 10% of airborne particles. You need to replace them once each month.

Extended Surface Filters

They are made from cotton-polyester blends or synthetic materials. Folded in pleats, these materials improve filtration as they have an additional surface area to trap particles. These filters can remove 35 to 40% airborne pollutants and last for 3-4 months.

Electrostatic Filters

Comprising of electrostatic media, the filter attracts allergens and other loose particles. A charge gets created after the air moves through its layers. Although expensive, they last for almost a year.

Selecting the Perfect Filter

The first and most important thing to consider is the size of the filter. A large filter would never fit a system while smaller ones can leave gaps that allow particles to escape. Most filters have sizes mentioned on their sides, but if you aren’t sure, you can easily measure it. Using a measuring tape, record the length, depth, and width of the filter to determine its appropriate size.

You can also consider MERV ratings of your filters i.e. Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Look for a rating between 7 to 13 for optimal efficiency of most residential systems. For any questions regarding filters and air purification, you can get in touch with us. Our experts at Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating are experienced and qualified professionals. At Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating we offer products and services such as air conditioning filters that help you in maintaining a comfortable and lean environment inside your house. Our experts are available for customers across Brooksville & Spring Hill, FL

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