Heat Pump Maintenance By Homeowners

Heat Pump Maintenance By HomeownersHeat pumps are efficient, versatile, and environment-friendly systems. However, as they are responsible for heating and cooling your house they are used quite often and as a result, they need regular servicing that allows them to perform at their best. Keep in mind that there is no substitute for HVAC maintenance especially when you consider the hot summers of Tampa. If you can perform some of these DIY tasks the system can be maintained in a healthy condition. The heat pump repairs will be reduced a great deal and the life of the HVAC system will be raised further.

Maintain a clear condensate line

The condensate line drains out the moisture collected from the indoor air for reducing humidity. Over some time, this line gets clogged with algae, dirt, and mildew. The clogged line makes use of water for backing up and overflows in the air conditioner. You can stop these blockages by pouring a bowl of bleach throughout the condensate line every month.

Keep the HVAC filters clean

Almost all filters require replacement after one to three months. Dirty and clogged filters are responsible for obstructing the airflow. It also reduces the energy efficiency and may damage the compressor or fans. These dirty filters will raise the air pollution indoors and will cause the cooling coils of the AC to freeze up. By maintaining clean HVAC filters you will be able to save 15’% on the monthly energy costing.

Clean the area surrounding the outdoor unit

Check out the outdoor unit of the HVAC system every month for any obstructions in the airflow. You may cut back the shrubs and foliage to around three feet away from the unit. Sweep out all the leaves, debris, trash, and branches from the area. After this, rinse the unit gently by using a garden hose and then wipe it dry by using a soft cloth. Make sure that the unit is positioned evenly over a concrete block.

Check the vents to ensure correct airflow

Ensure that you are inspecting the vents inside the home. You have to make sure that the cooled or heated air flows freely through all the vents. Make sure that there aren’t any household items in their way obstructing the flow of air.

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