Common Problems With Heat Pumps

Common Problems With Heat PumpsHeat pumps are a great piece of technology that can both cool and heat your house. They are environmentally friendly since they run on electricity and not fossil fuels, and do a pretty good job of heating homes.

But sometimes they run into problems, and these problems can make staying inside your house unpleasant and uncomfortable until they get fixed. Here are just a handful of some of the most common heat pump problems that homeowners may experience, as well as how you can fix them.

1. The Heat Pump Does Not Heat the House Thoroughly

While in Florida heating the house is not the most important thing, there are times where you do need to heat things. In normal temperatures, this heat pump problem is not very common, but it can still occur if something goes awry.

Whether the culprit is a faulty thermostat, poor flow or low levels of refrigerant, bad valves, leaky ducts, or an overall dirty unit, it’s best to contact a professional so that they can evaluate and fix your heat pump.

2. Your Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

If your heat pump problem is that it won’t turn on at all then chances are that this stems from an electrical issue. Before anything, check to make sure that the pump wasn’t accidentally turned off via the switch on its side or from inside the control panel.

After that, reset all circuit breakers that are connected to your heat pump, even if they don’t appear to be tripped. You can also check to ensure that there aren’t any frayed wires in the area.

If you can’t identify anything wrong, then it’s best to contact a professional technician to evaluate your problem.

3. It’s Cycling Too Frequently

This can be extremely annoying for a homeowner, but it can also damage your heat pump. By cycling more than it is supposed to your heat pump is getting more wear and tear than it should have.

This problem can stem from multiple causes, such as gaps or leaks that can prematurely let the warmed air escape, overheating of the heat pump itself, or a bad circuit in the thermostat or heat anticipator.

4. Your Heat Pump is Rattling

It’s normal for a heat pump to make some noise when running, but anything out of the ordinary should be checked immediately. If you notice that your heat pump is making rattling or grinding noises then you should first check that the control panel is screwed on tightly.

If that isn’t the issue then you can try to see if there is any loose ductwork or a register that is rattling about. If the noise is a bit closer to a squeal than a grind or a rattle, then you might have bad bearings in the motor of the heat pump and they need replacing.


These are just a few of the problems that your heat pump may run into. If you notice that anything is off with your heat pump, then the best thing to do is contact an expert who knows what to look for and how to fix any issues they may find.

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