Using AC Company For AC Maintenance During Home Remodeling

Using AC Company For AC Maintenance During Home RemodelingWhen you are performing home renovation it is always a good idea to maintain your AC Company in the loop. Ideally, summer is the time when you get started on your home renovation projects. But keep in mind that this project can affect the existing AC system working inside the home. Although it may not sound like a big problem there are several things you have to take into consideration to protect the HVAC system at the time of home renovations. Here are some AC tips to take care of your AC system when dust and debris are flying around that is generated due to the home renovation project.

1. Get expert recommendations from your AC Company: There are certain kinds of home renovations that affect the HVAC system adversely. For instance, if you are adding to the carpet area of your house you may need a larger AC system to accommodate the bigger space to achieve optimum energy efficiency. Are you in the need to relocate the air vents due to the renovation work? It is a good idea to bring in an expert from a high-quality AC company to have a look at the renovation plans to make sure that nothing from the AC system is compromised. The heating and cooling systems are configured according to the home so it might be a good idea to talk to the experts to maintain the comfort levels within the home.

2. Turn off the AC system: One of the easiest AC tips for protecting the AC system at the time of home renovation is to turn off the system completely. Even though it is tempting to turn on the AC at the time of home renovations taking place in the summer, keep the HVAC unit switched off. It will also eliminate the air circulation and can prevent the dust from entering the ducts and causing damage to the system. Seal the areas of the house that are being renovated and if you are not able to seal these rooms completely you can cover the AC units by using plastic tarps. Close the registers in the area to stop dust and other debris from entering the AC vents.

3. Keep a clean space: Maintain the work area as tidy and clean as possible right through the renovation work. When you are turning off the cooling AC system and are covering the vents, you will make a huge difference. It is also possible to protect the system by completing the messiest work out of the living area, in the garage. Develop a habit of dusting and vacuuming the renovation area regularly and use plastic tarps for debris so that it doesn’t get spread around the house. Do not allow a build-up of dust and debris on your furniture, clothes, and flooring. Be on a constant vigil when dust control is in question.

After the home renovation work is done, ensure that you call HVAC experts for a home inspection. They will check the AC air filter and can examine different components of the AC system to make sure that things are operating well. If you live in Brooksville & Spring Hill, FL area, get in touch with Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating. The experts from the AC Company will inspect and clean the AC system to save money due to long-term HVAC repair.

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