Signs Indicating The Need For A New AC System

Signs Indicating The Need For A New AC SystemWhether you own a house or rent an apartment, the hot weather can be a great problem. The AC units generally last for 10 to 15 years but the HVAC systems last longer if they are properly maintained. You need to clean the AC system’s filters and the AC air ducts regularly to achieve this result. Everyone is worried about the right time for AC replacement or AC repair. Although nothing lasts forever, there is nothing more devastating than losing the AC system in the middle of the summer. The right time for AC replacement depends on when you start noticing how your cooling system is working in a less than efficient manner or when the temperature setting is not working properly. When you suspect that your AC system is on the fritz here are the signs that indicate that it is time for AC replacement.

1. Not getting cool air: Although this sounds obvious, when you are not receiving cold air there is something wrong with the AC. The problem could be anything between a broken compressor to low Freon levels. You need to call the pros in this case or if you have the warranty still going you can call the dealer to make the claim. There is no need to wait for a long time to beat the heat. If there is a need for extensive repair it might be a good idea to get the unit replaced.

2. Airflow is hampered: It is possible that even though you are getting airflow throughout the house, you are noticing that the AC unit is not throwing the air out the way it used to. It may mean several things including issues with the compressor or damaged and blocked vents. Although it is a better idea to get a pro to manage the repair, keep in mind that it can be costly depending on the age of the system and the nature of the problem. If the AC repair costs are too high you can think of a replacement.

3. Moisture and leakage around the AC system: Even when the condensation around the air conditioner is pretty normal you can get excessive leakage that may present a larger issue. When you have refrigerant leakage or if you notice large pools of water around the unit it is a serious problem and must be addressed immediately. Leaking coolant is a health hazard for the family and excessive water leaks lead to damaged furniture and flooring. It also may lead to mold growth.

4. Unusual sounds: If you hear loud grinding sounds coming out of the unit or if hear rattling, squealing, banging, and other noises that are not right, just turn off the AC and get a professional to have a look at it as soon as possible. These noises many times mean a serious issue such as the belt slipping out of place or motor bearings being broken. It may lead to costly repairs and replacement when the problem is not addressed pronto.

5. Certain areas of the house are not cooled: Sometimes there are issues with the thermostat and not the AC system itself. If you have a broken thermostat it might prevent the AC system from cooling a certain area of the apartment or the house. When the other rooms are fine and the issue is limited to a single area it is worth talking to professionals to check the thermostat. It is possible to get just the thermostat replaced rather than the whole AC system.

The breakdown of AC systems on most occasions leaves the homeowners and renters frustrated and enraged. Although if you are covered by warranty these issues are not going to draw a blank. You may not need a replacement at all in some cases. Talk to the professionals such as Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating if you live in Florida for expert advice and for deciding the best plan for your requirements.



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