Common AC Problems And Their Resolutions

Common AC Problems And Their ResolutionsAC problems can be expensive therefore you must schedule regular AC maintenance and perform the necessary tune-ups by using experienced AC professionals to enjoy a great performance from the AC. You must learn about usually found AC problems so that it becomes easier to take preventive measures and avoid big problems later.

1. AC is not turning on: You need to check the thermostat batteries if your air conditioner doesn’t switch on after turning it on. If the thermostat batteries are dead, replace them. In case they are in the working condition check out the thermostat settings for deciding a suitable cooling mode for your desired temperature setting. In the case, your thermostat is on but the AC is not turning on check out the circuit breaker. If it is tripped the air conditioner will not turn on. You will need to reset the circuit breaker by turning off the switch and then on later.

2. AC not blowing cool air: Your air conditioner will not blow in cool air when you have a dirty air filter obstructing the airflow of the AC unit. The dirty air filter can also freeze up your condenser unit and decrease the cooling power of the unit considerably. It is a good idea to change the air filter each month to ensure that the AC blows in cold air.

3. Refrigerant leakage: If the coolant inside the air conditioner begins to leak, the temperature can vary and the AC unit may not perform as expected and precisely. These refrigerant leakages can cause lower AC efficiency, higher power consumption, coil freezing, uneven cooling, and damage to the compressor. Carry out regular AC inspections for finding out the refrigerant leaks.

4. Noise coming from the AC: Your AC unit can make a range of noises depending on the type of AC problems. You will find several reasons why AC is creating a range of different sounds. The refrigerant leakage can produce a hissing noise. When you hear clicking noises you can turn on and off the air conditioner as it could be a relay issue. Banging, rattling, or thumping noises means there is an issue with the motor or blower assembly. The fan motor or a compressor develops screeching noises. You may have faulty electrical components that create a buzzing sound.

5. Water leakage on the outside: Sometimes you may find water leaking from your AC on a particularly humid and hot day typically when the AC unit is operational. It is considered as normal. Sometimes there is water leakage appearing on the outside of the AC in cool weather with temperatures less than 60 degrees. Because the unit may freeze up or leak water while melting. Some other reasons for the AC to cause water leakage on the outside are improper AC installation, dirty air filters, choked drain pipe, lower coolant levels, and a broken condensate pan.

6. AC problems related to drainage: Another common AC problem is the drain pipe gets clogged with algae, dirt, and dust. When the water doesn’t drain properly there is the likelihood of development of fungus, mildew, and mold. Gases and bad odor may also filter your house. For preventing this, ensure that the drainpipe is regularly looked after, inspected, and cleaned. The AC units that are not properly mounted tend to not drain correctly.

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