Ways Of Reducing The Air Conditioning Bill

Ways Of Reducing The Air Conditioning BillSummer is here and everyone will be struggling with the rising power bills as you are extending the use of air conditioning to maintain your home in a cool condition and try to take refuge from the oppressing heat outside. Luckily there are some ways of fighting the rising air conditioning costs. Here are some tips to reduce the air conditioning bills without too much effort on your part.

1. Upgrade and seal the windows: When a home has older windows they may not be energy efficient. The cooling costs of your house can be cut down by the installation of newer energy-efficient windows. There are some upfront costs involved however, you will end up with lower bills and can make it up in the long run. Improperly sealed windows lead to air leakage and it forces the air conditioning system to work harder. Caulking the leakage or cracks and performing weather stripping of the windows prevents air leakage from the windows.

2. Have a programmable thermostat: It is a fact that programmable thermostats reduce energy costs by adjusting the temperatures when you are asleep or away. You can do this programming yourself or buy a new one that will adapt to your temperature preferences. There are some available that can be set up by using an app and away from the home. The department of energy has stated that you may save 10% annually with temperature adjustment by 7 to 10 degrees for 8 hours daily. This process can be automated by using programmable thermostats.

3. Using ceiling fans more: Ceiling fans are capable of circulating cool air. This takes some load off the air conditioning system. You may use the existing ceiling fans or have them installed throughout the home for increasing energy efficiency.

4. Replacement HVAC air filters: Air filters are responsible for keeping the HVAC system running noiselessly and smoothly. It prevents the dust from clogging the AC vents and also promotes air circulation. When air filters get dirty your system will be forced to work harder for air circulation. It is a good idea to replace the air filter after a few months, even earlier in case you have kids or pets. New air filters are cheap and can be easily swapped.

5. Avoid indoor cooking: When you are cooking by using an oven or a stovetop it generates plenty of heat and it places severe strain on the air conditioning system. Outdoor cooking can be a great experience during summers and if you can perform a grill on the outside twice a week it will help. You may also use appliances that throw off lesser heat such as electric griddles and crockpots.

6. Decreasing the sunlight filtering through: Sometimes the sunlight streams in via your windows to raise the temperature of your house. By the blockage of this sunlight, you may calm down this effect. You can also think of planting some shade trees just outside the windows to curb the encroachment of sunlight or use blackout shades and curtains which is also a lower-cost alternative.

7. Insulate the attic and walls: Windows is not the only portion of your house that leaks air. Walls, attic, and crawl spaces are also responsible for air leakage. One of the better ways of improving energy efficiency is by having the house insulated professionally. In the case of an older house, this is truly a worthwhile investment.

For getting your air conditioner inspected thoroughly you can reach out for the services of Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating. Although this may cost you time and money it will stop things leading to more costly issues with the air conditioning system that goes undiagnosed by the laymen. Make the call today for a check-up to ensure that there are no further losses.

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