Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cool Air

Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cool AirFew things result in more problems than a malfunctioning AC system during a sweltering summer. There are a few ways to carry out the AC repair if the HVAC unit is not blowing cool air. It is always a good idea to call the HVAC professional for repair and servicing. Identification of the root cause and communicating these findings to the contractor always helps. This information leads to a fast resolution of the issues and the unit is up and running quickly. Here are some common reasons why the AC might have stopped working.

Power issues: This might sound a bit fundamental but when the AC is not blowing cool air just check to make sure that it is plugged in properly and the power chord is in working order. If both chord and the outlet are in good shape there may be a problem with the electrical panel. There are large surges of power involved in AC systems and it is likely that the unit has blown a fuse or tripped. There are overload switches in place for some units. Check them as well.

Thermostat problems: If there are no issues with the power supply and yet the unit is not blowing cool air there may be a problem with the thermostat. It may not be set for the right temperature. You can try turning down the dial all the way or push the buttons for the lowest setting and check if it causes the unit to run. Try to check all the wires of the thermostat if you can and also whether the batteries are connected correctly.

Refrigerant leakage: Sometimes when you just walk close to your AC unit you notice that something is missing. There is a puddle near the unit which is formed as a result of refrigerant leakage. You may feel that this is not a big problem but it can lead to major issues. Refrigerant leakage can lead to a low flow of air or warm air coming from the AC unit.

Dirty compressor: Your regular maintenance of the AC unit should consist of cleaning the area around the compressor and keeping the unit covered for the winter. Over time, dirt, leaves, and debris build-up and stop the unit from running smoothly. Some homeowners handle this problem themselves but for better results, get the pros. It will ensure that the AC unit receives the right cleaning and correct maintenance. Make sure that the unit is turned off before beginning the maintenance work.

While deciding on the AC repair job consider the age of your AC unit and the level of work required for fixing the issues. For instance, rather than upgrading to a newer system, you might want to get a more reliable model. You should always get a professional AC technician to perform an annual inspection of the unit and stay on top of the maintenance problem. This will ensure that there are lesser AC outages. The licensed HVAC technicians such as from Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating LLC will give you expert advice which will be a better idea than risking damage to the AC system.

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