Advantages Of Zone AC Systems

Advantages Of Zone AC SystemsWhen you are thinking about selecting the type of HVAC for your home, you should take into account installing a zone AC system. This zone AC system breaks your house into different zones. Every zone has a thermostat of its own so that the homeowners can decide how cool or hot the room or the zone should be. The zone AC system is a terrific addition to any house and it provides these advantages to the homeowners.

1. Greater flexibility: When you have a zone AC system in place the homeowner has more than a single thermostat for controlling the temperature of the whole house. There is no need to program the whole home to be at a specific temperature. The basement of the house can be kept at a lower temperature when it is not in use. The homeowner can also turn down the thermostat to reduce the temperature in the family room if the fireplace is running. The kitchen temperature can be maintained at certain levels during cooking. The homeowners have more flexibility to use different temperatures in the various parts of the house.

2. Better energy efficiency: The zone AC system will make the HVAC more energy efficient. By using the zoning system the house owner can decide the rooms that need heating. This way people do not have to heat the rooms in the house that are not in use. For instance, if there is a guest room that is rarely used why should anyone waste energy keeping it warm? This room or zone can be turned off unless there is a guest arriving to stay with you and the room has to be heated for him. It is a great method for saving energy and leads to saving money as well on the utility bills throughout the year.

3. Raising comfort levels: The HVAC system can help you to raise comfort levels inside the home. However, it is a fact that everyone is not comfortable at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people will like their home to be cooler to feel comfortable. By using the flexibility of the zone AC system you can make the necessary changes to make sure that everyone gets the temperature levels they are comfortable in. Your teenage kid can enjoy a cool 60 degrees in his bedroom while the parents can opt for a slightly warmer 72 degrees in the family room.

4. The greater lifespan of the HVAC system: When the house owners are not battering the HVAC system 24/7 it will definitely last longer. By using a zone AC system the HVAC will be required to focus just on some portions of your home rather than on the entire house. This will ease the pressure on the HVAC and increase its life. It is a great investment for the HVAC as there is no need to replace it frequently.

5. Use of remote control: There are smart thermostats available these days that allow you to use the remote control for the HVAC system. This combined effect of smart thermostat and zone heating works together for managing the house temperature better. The zone AC system can be controlled remotely for adjusting the behavior settings in specific rooms from the couch or the bathroom.

Zone AC heating is a smart investment and will give you several advantages but it may not be compatible will all homes. To make sure that you can use it for your home take the advice of professionals such as Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. They can provide expert advice about the best HVAC solution for your home. Call them today for a consultation or maintenance of your current HVAC system.

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