Roof Ventilation For Better AC Performance

Roof Ventilation For Better AC PerformanceUnless you have an air-conditioned attic you will not be fond of spending a lot of time there in the middle of a hot summer day. If there is no AC in the attic pumping in the cool air and you have hot sun beating down on the rooftop right over your head, you can rest assured that the attic temperatures will rise. But you can have proper roof ventilation and get those temperatures down to match that of the air inside the house.

Hot air in the attic

The air conditioner inside your home has to do battle with all kinds of heat. There is sunlight pouring in through the windows, steam could be leaking from a stove, family members and pets could be generating body heat. However, the greatest source for heat inside a home is the unventilated attic. The hot air trapped inside the attic radiates outside through the ceiling into the confines of the home.

If you are planning to convert the attic into a living space it makes sense to seal the place and also route the AC vents inside the place. You can also think of installing attic fans that will constantly replace the stagnant air inside with the outdoor air thereby preventing the attic from turning into an oven.

Life of AC unit

The AC performance depends on how hard the unit has to work. The harder it is forced to work there will be more wear and tear of the unit. These issues tend to develop and they decrease the lifespan of system components thereby increasing the risk of a serious breakdown leading to professional AC repair. If the AC damage is left unaddressed it can cause enough problems that can lead to total AC replacement. Proper attic ventilation reduces the load on your AC unit, especially during the summer months. It also raises the longevity of the air conditioner by reducing the wear and tear of the unit.

When the AC operates at peak efficiency it will suffer less wear and tear and will last longer as various components wear out as per prediction instead of wearing out at a quicker pace. So, improvement in the lifespan of the cooling system increases the returns on the investment.

Attic sealing and AC performance

The AC performance inside the attic depends on a tight sealing between the attic and the living spaces. Proper sealing can give you higher energy efficiency otherwise the air circulation from the attic can suck a great deal of the cool air-conditioned air from the rooms below. You might have some gaps and cracks in the roof that could also lead to air leakage. Before having the attic air-conditioned you need to conduct a thorough inspection of the place and seal all the gaps and cracks that will allow the air from transferring.

Keep in mind that proper attic ventilation plays a significant role in the AC performance inside a home. Yet several homes do not have the right amount of ventilation required for the best results. If you are looking to find professionals for home assessment to decide the necessity of attic ventilation you can get in touch with Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. They will evaluate the condition of the attic and help you find ways to maximize the efficiency for greater comforts at minimum costs.

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