Home Issues That Affect AC Performance In A Home

Home Issues That Affect AC Performance In A HomeThe main job of your air conditioning system is to take out the hot air and blow in the cool air. It is done by drawing in the outside air and blowing it over the evaporator coil where it gets cooled before entering the house. Although this sounds easy, the air conditioners use complex systems to do their job and several factors affect the AC performance. The working condition of the AC plays a significant part in its overall performance.

Poor Airflow

Typically the air conditioners depend on airflow for cooling the house. However, certain things affect this airflow. For instance, dirty condenser coils that are located on the outside can restrict the airflow and make an impact on cooling efficiency. The air filter also becomes dirty over some time because it performs the duty of removing the dust and other similar particles from the air. Other problems include the condenser unit getting blocked by leaves or other obstructions and the air cannot move inside the unit onto the coils. You need to clean the AC coils at least once every season and also replace the air filter every three months. The outdoor units must be clear from debris and be located away from walls, decks, and other obstructions that will restrict the airflow.

Air leakage due to poor insulation

The exterior of your home needs to create an environmental envelope that will keep the outside air out and the inside air in. But the damages to the roofing, siding, ducts, pipes, and cracks left around the windows and doors permit unwarranted air exchange that affects the humidity and temperature inside the home. If these outside environmental conditions are allowed inside they will affect the performance of your AC. This is because the HVAC system is forced to work harder to compensate for these exchanges to maintain the room temperature where it is desired. Poor insulation also has the same effect as the heat is transferred from outside to inside raising the temperature. You need to increase the insulation where necessary to allow the AC to work more efficiently.

Duct blockage and leakage

The condition of the ductwork also plays a significant role in the efficiency of air conditioning. Ducts are the pathways for the transport of cooled air from the AC unit to your living quarters that are many times located a distance away. If these packages are leaky or if they are blocked with debris, the cooled air may escape out before reaching the living areas. This leads to poor cooling performance and also increases energy bills. If your ducts are laid out in a complex fashion they will fail to transport cooled air throughout the house and lower the air conditioning capacity of the AC unit. It is difficult to see the ducts so you will need the help of professionals for evaluating the leakage and other issues. Cleaning and sealing the ducts properly is the simple solution for this problem but it creates a massive impact on the overall performance of the AC unit and comfort level inside the house.

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