Indications That You Need An AC Repair

Indications That You Need An AC RepairWith the emergence of the sun in Florida, we can typically expect the temperatures to start rising in the state. It is clear that the summer is right around the corner. Everyone will wish to make sure that the AC is ready to function as designed and keep you cool during the scorching summer. However, how do you know if you are in the need of air conditioning repair? In case you find any of these indications you can assume that you need an AC repair.

1. The air is warm: If you start to get warm air coming through from the vents of your house you need to check the thermostat. Ensure that it is switched to the cooling mode. Set the temperature lower than the room temperature. In case your vents are still blowing warm air, you can restrict the airflow. There may be a compressor issue to be blamed for the problem. However, it is a better idea to leave the AC repair to the experts rather than attempting a DIY fix. Remember, the cooling system in the home is complicated and needs careful calibration.

2. Higher humidity: Typically, you can expect sticky weather conditions outside in summer and spring. However, it does not mean that you wish to live in a humid atmosphere inside a room. The air conditioner needs to moderate the humidity level automatically. In case the cooling system cannot keep the moisture levels in a comfortable range, you will need to perform an air conditioner repair. Pros can diagnose the problem fast and let you know what is needed. Either you may need a straightforward re-calibration or a whole-house dehumidifier might be required.

3. Water leakage: The air conditioner relies on the refrigerant for cooling the home and it produces condensation when it is operating. None of these liquids must leak or accumulate inside the home. An active leakage or a pool of water near the AC is a significant sign that the cooling system is not running smoothly. Do not wait any longer and call the air conditioning repair technicians. Leakage can damage the home quickly and might even lead to structural problems.

4. Frequent cooling cycles: The air conditioner inside your home must go through a relatively routine cooling cycle and the weather has nothing to do with it. Although you can expect the air conditioner cooling system to turn frequently on the hotter days of the summer, it must not cycle on and off continuously. If you do notice frequent cycles appearing contact the AC repair team immediately. The quick air conditioner repair will resolve the frequent cooling cycles. However, keep in mind that this is a signal that you need a new AC.

5. Unusual noises: Many air conditioners make a bit of a noise when they start-up or shut down. However, louder, unusual, and sudden noises mean bigger problems with the cooling system. The buzzing or rattling noises mean loose parts while the grinding or whistling noises indicate something a lot more serious. This kind of issue will not go away on its own but a professional tuning up will be necessary.

If you are waiting to tackle the air conditioner repairs call the professionals from Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating LLC for professional domestic and commercial service. The AC repair technician will review the AC unit to decide the best route for solving the AC repair problem. If you are going to replace the AC, these professionals can offer advice for the selection of the most suitable models, as there are multitude models available in the market.

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