Using Your Heater In Florida During The Wintertime

Using Your Heater In Florida During The WintertimeHomeowners in Florida only need a fraction of the heat that is used by homeowners nationwide. For instance, Brevard County’s heating index is about one-third of Florida’s total heat index. This means that people living in Florida don’t use their heat very often throughout the winter. Nevertheless, it’s vital for your furnace to be ready when you do need to use it. When this time arrives will vary from household to household, depending upon a person’s comfort level. However, before you turn your heat on there are some important heater maintenance steps you should take first.

Make Sure the Temperature is Uncomfortable

You can use your home’s thermostat to monitor the temperature inside your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, throughout the winter your thermostat should be set at a minimum of 68 degrees. When your home is at its least active point (e.g. during the day when everyone is at work, at night while everyone is sleeping) you can reduce this by 10 – 15 degrees. Once your local climate causes the temperature in your home to drop below this point, you should turn on your furnace.

Proper AC Maintenance Requires You to Replace Your Filter

When you have an air filter that you used throughout the summer months in place when you go to turn on your furnace for the winter, make sure to replace it before you turn the heat on inside your home. Having a dirty air filter in your HVAC unit will restrict airflow. When this happens, you’ll be putting stress on various parts of your HVAC system causing it to possibly overheat. If you’re using a heat pump in your home, this can cause harm to its compressor. Regardless of whether you have an HVAC system or a heat pump, when you conduct wintertime heater maintenance, you’ll probably notice that this filter is clogged so make sure you replace it before turning your heat on.

Always Schedule Proper Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Before you use your heating system, make sure you’ve taken proper heater maintenance steps. If you don’t and you have a gas heating system, carbon monoxide could leak into your home because of a dirty or blocked ventilation system. Dirty heat exchangers can also cause your home not to be heated properly thus resulting in a large heating bill. By conducting a thorough inspection you’ll make sure your home is safe. This is why it’s so important to schedule HVAC maintenance far enough in advance that you can replace or repair anything necessary before the cool weather arrives.


Although you live in Florida, you’ll still need a heater to help you remain comfortable throughout the occasional passing cold front. Prestige Air Conditioning and Heating provides high-quality HVAC maintenance so your heater is ready to help you stay comfortable during these times. They’ll also help you learn more about options that will help you stay comfortable throughout the whole year (e.g. AC maintenance) so do yourself a favor and make sure you give them a call today.

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