Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Energy Saving Tips For Your HomeEvery homeowner has one thing in common today: They’re all in search of an easy way for them to save energy in their homes, so that they can save money on their electric bills. Everyone seems to be searching for energy saving tips, but the unfortunate truth of the matter is that the only real way to save even more money is to avoid using your home’s appliances very much. However, when you live in Florida where it’s hot outside for most of the year, you can’t help but turn on your AC so you can cool your home and yourself off some.

Using Your HVAC System to Heat and Cool Your Home

You shouldn’t have to avoid using your HVAC system to heat and cool your home at a level that keeps you and your family comfortable. Although energy savings is important to you and your wallet, using to use your furnace more efficiently is the key here – not avoiding using it all together.

A good example of this is that most homeowners don’t realize that a ceiling fan can boost their AC system’s efficiency by up to 10%. Of course, a ceiling fan isn’t able to lower your home’s temperature but it can help circulate the air throughout your home so that your AC doesn’t have to work so hard which will help you save money throughout the summer. Then in the winter you can change the fan blade’s direction to help your heating system in the same way.

Understanding how Humidity Impacts Your HVAC System

Humidity is another major factor that homeowners must take into consideration. Although your AC has some dehumidifying properties built into it, these aren’t nearly enough to get rid of the excess moisture that is in your home. When your home becomes too humid it will work harder to cool your home for you. However, it’ll work much more efficiently (equating to energy savings) for you if you have a whole-home dehumidifier built into your home.

Remember to get Routine Maintenance for Your HVAC System

None of these things will result in energy savings for you if you don’t take care of these systems. This is why it’s important to conduct annual maintenance on them so that they’re at peak working condition for you. When technicians are doing maintenance, they’ll conduct a full inspection and cleaning of your system. They’ll also adjust your system to make sure it works effectively.


When these energy saving tips aren’t enough, it may very well be time to call in the professionals to have them check out your HVAC system for you. It could be that it is no longer functioning properly and thus your AC isn’t only cooling your home, but also cooking the air outside of your home as well. Since you’ll want to take steps to prevent this from happening, isn’t it time you get in touch with Prestige Air Conditioning and Heating? Their professionals have been working with homeowners in Florida for quite some time now and all of them are highly satisfied customers. Now it’s your turn so get in touch with them today.

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