Why Floridians Should Own A Heat Pump

Why Floridians Should Own A Heat PumpA heat pump makes homes in most climates more efficient. However, this is especially true if you live in a warm climate like Florida. Here you’ll reap many great benefits from having one in your home.

Heat and Cool Your Home

Living in Florida, you probably don’t think much about your home’s heating system. However, you should know that these pumps are better than an air conditioner because it can both heat and cool your home – something you can easily switch between too. Although Florida doesn’t get as cold as some states, winter still has its share of cold days when you’ll need some heat.

Lower Your Heating Costs

Homes that rely upon electric resistance heating can have their heating bill cut in half by switching to a heat pump. This is because outdoor air is used to warm your home instead of generating electricity to heat your home. The process requires a lot less energy for this process. Unfortunately, if the outdoor air gets too cool this process is less efficient. This is why homeowners in harsher climates require a backup heat source be installed in their homes. You don’t need to worry about this in Florida though since winters are quite mild and below-freezing temperatures are extremely rare.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Combustion heaters are another option. These rely on the use of a combustible fuel source (e.g. natural gas, propane). Although this works more efficiently than electricity, they can produce carbon monoxide – a deadly gas that can spill into your home, making you very sick or killing you. Heat pumps are a much better option here because they rely on combustion so they won’t explode, leak carbon monoxide into your home, or cause the air to dry out triggering dry skin and eyes or asthma attacks.

Decrease Your Impact on the Environment

While your wallet and your health will thank you for using one of these pumps, so will the environment. This is because combustion systems add pollutants to the air inside and outside of your home. Electricity doesn’t do this which is why these pumps have an instant advantage. However, this also goes a step further in that they use a lot less energy than a traditional heating system. This is good news because much of the electricity that’s generated in the United States comes from burning fossil fuels – something the public can do little about except for finding ways to use less energy, which is what a heat pump does. By doing this you’ll reduce harmful emissions while also reducing your carbon footprint regardless of where your electricity is coming from.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort

These pumps provide a lot of control and comfort to homeowners. Things like two-stage cooling prevent temperature swings from occurring within your home while the pump’s durable outdoor components make them able to withstand the weather’s elements for many years. So, when you’re ready to experience all the great benefits that these pumps can supply your home with, contact Prestige Aid Conditioning & Heating. Their certified technicians can install and maintain one for you today.

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