Why AC Refrigerant Is So Important

Why AC Refrigerant Is So ImportantThere are many parts of your air conditioner that are important to keep it running. Most feel that the crucial part to keeping an air unit up and running are the electrical lines. Others say that the vents are more important while another person may answer the blower. The thermostat may be a guess or even the compressor. While all of these parts are all extremely important, the most crucial part of your air conditioning unit is the AC refrigerant.

Why is the AC refrigerant so crucial to the unit? In this article, we will take the time to discuss why without this, your air conditioning unit would be worthless.

Many are not even sure what refrigerant is. This liquid is what keeps your air conditioner cool. The refrigerant goes back and forth from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit so the air in your home can remain cool. The evaporator coil is what evaporates the refrigerant. If it is not evaporated, the AC refrigerant can not zap the heat that is in the air. And if the heat is not zapped, then it will remain hot.

What happens if the unit does not have the proper amounts of refrigerant? Well, your home will stop cooling off. There will be a measurable drop, and it will start to get warm in the house. And with none of this special liquid, your house will not be able to cool down at all.

Many homeowners do not know the slightest thing about AC refrigerant. And then there are others that may know a bit, but are actually misinformed. These people may call the air conditioning repair shop and say they need to have their refrigerant topped off. However, this liquid is not what really runs your air conditioning unit, so, therefore, you should never run out of refrigerant. An air conditioner that is in great shape will always have enough liquid running through it to cool your home down as it is supposed to.

Should you think you are low on AC refrigerant, there could be a possibility that you have a leak. This is why it is very important to know who to call when this happens. Some HVAC companies will come to your home and actually top off your AC unit with refrigerant. However, if there is a leak, it will continue to leak out. So basically by the company adding more refrigerant, it is a waste of time and money because all that will just leak back out.

When looking for someone to repair your AC unit, be sure that they understand if there is a leak or if something is not working right. There is no sense in paying for something when you simply just do not need it.

If you do not have any leaks in your unit, but your home is still warm, you may have dirty coils or filters. If this is the case, it will result in poor airflow, which means the cooling effect will not be able to take place. There may also be a clogged drain, a dirty compressor, or a condensated airflow switch.

If you need your air conditioning unit examined because it is not cooling your home as good as it should, contact a professional service, such as Prestige Air Conditioning and Heating. Their team will be able to assist you so you can keep your home cool while remaining compliant with any city or state codes. They will keep your air conditioning unit in tip-top shape so it lasts for years to come.

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