Why Air Conditioning Preventative Service Is Vital

Why Air Conditioning Preventative Service Is VitalWhen you do your spring cleaning, don’t forget about your air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, this is something that most homeowners overlook but performing preventative maintenance on this part of your home is vital if you want to keep it working its best. Spring is the best time to do this so your unit is ready to combat the summer heat for you.

Benefits of Performing Preventative Maintenance on Your air Conditioning Unit

There are many reasons why you should have your system cleaned in both the spring and the fall. These benefits include:

  • You’ll know about any parts that are broken or growing old so you can fix them before a seasonal malfunction occurs. Additionally, when you do this prior to a serious weather change you’ll have enough time to complete the repairs without being inconvenienced. Remember, as soon as you turn your system on the moving parts start to wear down and can result in cracked belts, bearings that need lubrication, and broken parts.
  • When the system’s internal components are properly cleaned it ensures that you have high-quality air in your home. This also ensures that your home receives the optimal cooling performance from your air conditioning. When coils, condensate pans, and ducts are dirty serious issues may arise such as the growth of mold (a huge issue in Florida because of high humidity levels). You may need some additional cleaning services to ensure that your system is clean. An air quality evaluation is also sometimes recommended so you know for sure if mold and pollutants are affecting your indoor air quality and how much of an impact they’re having there. Sometimes you’ll even be told that you need to install additional equipment (e.g. UV lamps around coils to kill bacteria and mold, dehumidifiers for moisture control, air purification systems for intense filtration of mold and germs) to help with these issues.
  • Taking good care of your equipment will extend its life and save you money. Your system will also become more energy efficient. When you’re getting a tune-up make sure you bring any high bills to your professional’s attention. Although maintenance will help some here, there are other things that also play a role in high bills and uncomfortable living conditions. Your technician may even bring some of these issues (e.g. the need for system zoning to help efficiently cool a multi-level home) to your attention based solely on their observations.

Issues Your Technician will be on the Lookout For

When your technician is performing a tune-up on your air conditioning unit they’ll be watching for any serious problems, including low refrigerant levels and dirty coils. It’s important to take care of such issues immediately so your compressor isn’t permanently damaged. If you don’t have them corrected you’ll also face higher energy usage bills.

Once you’re ready to have a professional perform preventative maintenance on your air conditioning unit, make sure you reach out to the Prestige Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. Put their professionals to work for your home and enjoy all the great benefits of doing so today.

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