Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For the Summer Season

A broken Air Conditioner in Spring Hill Florida can be brutal on any summer day. Temperatures stay in the high 80’s and can reach over 100 degrees! The best way to prevent the lost of comfort from a broken Air Conditioner is by having your system inspected regularly and making sure you are performing the basic service of changing your air filter, keeping your drain clean and doing a little clean up.

Here at Prestige Air Conditioning of Spring Hill we would like to help you with free tips on making sure your air conditioner is running properly and will last you through the entire season. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent service calls and down time of your AC system.

Tip# 1 Clean the Drain – Make sure the drain from your condenser is cleaned. The Condenser is located in your air handler which may be located in a closet, garage or in the attic. One way to keep this drain clean is to pour a small amount of bleach (1/4 cup) in the white PVC pipe that is connected to the Air Handler Unit which houses your Evaporator. Generally these PVC tubes are not glued together but if they are, you may have to cut the pipe and refit it with a coupling. Another method to clean the drain is to attach a Wet Vac to the outlet of the drain which is generally very close to the outside unit until the line is unclogged.

Tip#2 Change Your Filter – One of the easiest but most neglected things the homeowner can do to not only keep energy cost down but to also maintain good air quality and keep the evaporator coils clean is to change the air filter on a regular basis. Our advice is to opt for the basic filters but change them out more often. The Expensive thick filters tend to restrict air flow to the evaporator which in turn reduces your efficiency. If you change your air filter(s) once a month you will keep your coils clean and air conditioner running efficiently.

Tip#3 Keep Outside Unit Clean – Make sure your outside unit is clean of debris and that there is enough room for proper air circulation. This means trimming back any shrubs that may be choking out the circulation or debris or grass that may be around the condenser. With the condenser coil being susceptible to outdoor weather conditions, it is advised that you have a qualified technician come out at least once a year and clean the coils with a toxic free cleaning solution. We have a specific cleaning solution that penetrates the condesor and cleans out all the dirt from in between the fins. This will add more surface space to the condensor and allow the heat pulled from your home to disapate faster which will allow it to operate more efficient.

These are just 3 of the 15-20 points we go over in our seasonal AC Inspection. We service straight cool and heat pump units of all makes and models. Please always be careful when working on or near your home’s air conditioning system. This system carries high voltage that can cause serious injury or death. Please remember to ALWAYS turn off all circuit breakers associated with the unit and check for voltage before performing any service.